UTah Rocks and Fill

Whether you need your swimming pool demolished, concrete broken up, or an entire house torn down and hauled off, you can count on a job well down by Midwest Excavating, Inc. We have been providing demolition services along Utah’s Wasatch Front for years!

From house demolition to smaller structural wrecking and removal like sheds, garages, decks, driveway removal or debris removal from storms and disasters, we have the manpower and equipment needed to take care of your job!

Delivery and Installation

We'll transform your landscape


Midwest Excavating, Inc delivers landscaping boulders, rocks and gravel to residential and commercial properties throughout Utah’s Wasatch Front. More than that, we have the machinery to transform your landscape and install your rocks products. Give us a call for a design consultation. We can fulfill all your rock, soil and fill needs and transform your property into the perfect space your dreaming of!


Midwest Excavating, Inc not only specializes in digging and removing rocks and dirt. For many projects, there are spaces large and small that need to be filled with rocks, dirt and soil to make property usable. Whatever it is you need, we can provide the material to fill and level your property to bring your use and design ideas to life. After you spaces are more leveled off, we can deliver and install top and other materials to prepare your landscaping.


Tell us about your job and we'll schedule a free consultation